One more year we have received the diplomas that certify the Gold medals that our wines have obtained: White wine Godello 2018, RESTLESSNESS wine 2017 and our MENCÍA 2019 wine, in the Guide of Wines, Spirits and Wineries of Galicia 2022. The Wine Guide , Distillates and Bodegas de Galicia 2022 in its XII edition with 23,000 copies distributed.

As in past editions, they will carry out several actions to promote the wines and distillates that have obtained a medal in the Guide in the form of a wine tunnel and a masterclass that we call “GALICIAN WINES”. For this we have provided some samples of bottles of our award-winning wines in this edition to give them to taste in the Galician Wines 2022 that will take them to different cities. The first actions are on January 27 and 28 in A Coruña in the presentation of the Guide to + 200 patrons.

In the latest editions of Galician Wines, thanks to the samples provided by the wineries, more than 4,000 people (sommelier, hoteliers, bloggers, specialized press, hospitality schools, final consumer…) from A Coruña, Oleiros, Zamora, León, Valencia , Málaga, Cádiz, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Oviedo, Murcia, Santander, Zaragoza, Castellón, Ciudad Real, etc., have been able to try the Galician wines and distillates awarded in the Guide.

Remigio Enríquez Yáñez
Remigio Enríquez-Yayos-2016