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Vintage and vine

A unique wine is born from our vineyards
We have a owned vineyard located in the middle of the mountain at about 600m altitude. For the most part it sits on soft slopes, with well-drained and fertile granite clay soils with sheep manures from our farm.
These soils add more complexity to our grapes.
The vineyard is the soul of our wines. The delicate daily work, the attention to your needs, the exquisite care, are the best guarantee in the expression of our grapes and our wines.
Having good grapes is the only method to obtain great wines. That is why work in the field is vital and we do it directly in an artisanal way.
We take care of each and every one of our plots with "care"; in the most natural and respectful way possible with the environment. Thus our grapes are capable of expressing themselves and have a personality that reflects the uniqueness of the environment in which they grow.