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We know wine isn’t just for snobs anymore. Our friendly wine experts have put their experience and knowledge to good use building our collection of balanced and approachable wines for every price point and any occasion.

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Our signature wines are made by hand in tanks that do not exceed 2500l and then we pass it to aging in 300l barrels. The grapes come from our farm Coto Santa Marta and are fertilized with natural fertilizers.

Wine from Ribeira Sacra

Wine from Ribeira Sacra

The Ribeira Sacra region is an appellation of origin founded in 1997. The vineyards are popular with the people, these vineyards are located in the provinces of Lugo and Ourense with the same name in Galicia.

A unique wine is born from our vineyards

A unique wine is born from our vineyards

We have a owned vineyard located in the middle of the mountain at about 600m of altitude. For the most part it sits on soft slopes, with well drained and fertile granitic clay soils with sheep manures from our farm.